Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thank a Hero

Sorry for my absence from posting! Lots of stuff going birthday, my son caught a stomach bug, left town for a work conference, had to prep for an event this weekend... But now I have lots of goodies to share! The event I held was yesterday and the purpose was to create Any Hero cards for the deployed troops. What's an Any Hero card, you ask? Well, I found last year and sent about 80 cards for distribution to the men and women protecting our freedom. In addition to cards for them to send home to keep in touch with family, they also collect and distribute Any Hero cards - cards of support for the sacrifices made every day by these American heroes. I invited my customers and neighbors to come make cards, and I donated the supplies, envelopes and postage. My goal was to make 50 cards and even though I didn't make my goal, a total of 26 cards were made! Because some of the people I invited aren't papercrafters, I kept the designs very simple:

I'll be shipping these off to this week and hope they bring a smile to faces half a world away! I invite you to visit their website and encourage you to show your support for our troops!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back for some fun Halloween projects I'll be posting tomorrow!


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Jana O'Brien said...

Way to go Marilyn! Great cards for a great cause!


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